Frequently Asked Questions

About Rocrents:

   Where is Rocrents located?

   Rocrents main headquarters are located at 610 Salt Rd Webster NY 14580

   Does Rocrents service my area?

   Rocrents general service area includes most of Western NY with counties such as Monroe, Wayne, Livingston, Yates, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Steuben, Wyoming, Genesee, and Orleans.

   Is Rocrents open on holidays?

   We are not open on major holidays

   What are your hours of operation?

   Normal hours of operation are Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm

Pickup and Returns:

   Can I pick up or drop off the equipment myself?


   Can I get the equipment delivered to me?

   Yes, Rocrents offers delivery and pickup of all equipment in our rental fleet.

   When will my equipment be picked up?

   Equipment will be picked up after it is called off rent.

   Do I have to call when I am done with the equipment?

   Yes, equipment remains on rent until it is called off by phone call or other means of communication, or until it is returned by customer to our yard.

   How long is each rental period?

   We rent most of our equipment by the day, week, or month.

   What if I need to keep the equipment longer?

   You can contact us and let us know you’ll be keeping the equipment for longer to make sure that piece is not already booked for another rental.


   What is a skid steer used for?

   Skid steer loaders are very popular for a wide range of tasks including material handling, truck loading, grading/moving materials, and running all sorts of hydraulic attachments.

   What size skid steer do I need?

   What size skid steer would be suitable for your job may depend on factors like jobsite size/area, type of terrain/ground conditions, and what your specific application is, such as what object or material you are dealing with.

   What attachments work with a skid steer loader?

   Rocrents carries a large range of attachments for our fleet of skid steer loaders, including Pallet forks, buckets, Grapples, brush cutters, auger drives, landscape rakes, angle brooms, hydraulic breakers/hammers, and snow pushers.


   What happens if the equipment rented breaks or stops working while I am renting it?

   Depending on the type of repair that is necessary, Rocrents will send a service technician out to the machine location and get the equipment back up and running or if available a replacement machine will be delivered to your jobsite.

   Am I responsible for damages?

   Yes, Rocrents requires insurance listing us as additionally insured and covering the replacement value of the machine, and therefore any damages which are considered more than normal wear are the customers responsibility and can be paid for out of pocket or through insurance.

   Is fuel included?

   All machines are sent out on rent full of fuel, and if returned needing fuel, it will be billed extra per gallon on the final invoice.

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